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Jun, 2020

BGSL Return to Play Safety Plan

BGSL Reopening Plan- Summer 2020

Board President – Sean Broderick
Contact- P- 856-816-1460, Email- [email protected]

Treasurer – Amy Lina
Contact-P- 856-906-9403, [email protected]

As of June 22nd 2020, teams may begin no contact practices.
Beginning on July 6th 2020, team competition may resume with proper guidance.

Current return to practice/game guidelines as set forth by the NJ Department of Health in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control.

▪ Each team must adhere to the following guidelines when returning to practice and/or gameplay.
▪ All Coaches and Parents must sign the Return to Play Waiver before official participation.
▪ Coaches will be responsible for having the temperature gun and questionnaire sheets at all practices/games. Coaches should keep these sheets organized by date in a binder.
▪ Each team must designate a Safety Coordinator(s) which will complete the temperature checks and wellness questionnaire before each practice or game.
▪ Before and after each game and/or practice, the dugout area must be sprayed down with approved Covid-19 killing disinfectant.

** Each player, coach and volunteer must have a temperature check. Name and temperature must be recorded on a screening questionnaire. The questionnaire will include the following.

1. Player /Coaches name
2. Recorded temperature
3. How has the Player/Coach felt today?
4. Has the Player/Coach been recently exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid 19?

** Individuals, including coaches, players, and families, who have recently had close
contact with a person with COVID-19 should also stay home and monitor their health.

Anyone with a temperature that exceeds 100.4 degrees will be asked to leave.

▪ The Safety Coordinator will also monitor the players to ensure they are adhering
to social distancing and proper sanitizing efforts.
▪ During a game, the only players allowed in the dugout is the pitcher and catcher
along with the safety coordinator. The remaining players will be lined up outside
the dugout, protected by a bow net and spaced 6 ft apart. This may vary due to
the field layout where teams are playing.
▪ Bathroom use: The safety coordinator will accompany the player to the
bathroom at away games and spray the bathroom accessories prior to the player
using the facility. After the player is done, re-spray the accessories and the
players’ hands. Away facilities may have a different procedure, and if it’s safe, we
will use that.
▪ All players/coaches, volunteers must thoroughly wash their hands after bathroom
▪ All players, coaches and volunteers must wear a face covering when using the
▪ For home games/practice bathroom use, the same process will be used where
the safety coordinator will spray down the bathroom accessories before and after
use, then sanitize the players hands. Sanitizer must contain 60% alcohol.

** Each coach should carry a bottle of soap with them on road games just in case the
away teams do not have soap readily available.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

▪ Individuals shall remain 6 feet apart from one another whenever impossible.
▪ This applies to athletes, coaching staff, parents/guardians, and other spectators. i
▪ Coaching staff and parents/guardians should wear cloth face coverings when
▪ Athletes are also encouraged to wear cloth or disposable face coverings when
not engaging in vigorous activity, such as when sitting on the bench, when
interacting with a coach etc.
▪ Parents must remain outside the field area and be socially distanced. Wearing a
protective face covering is encouraged.
▪ Each coach will have a supply of disposable face coverings and sanitizer.
Players are welcome to use their own protective face covering and sanitizer if
they wish.
▪ In between each inning, every player must sanitize their hands
▪ During practice, players and coaches must sanitize their hands in between drills
and at the end of practice.
▪ During practices, coaches should create socially distanced markers for the player
by using cones and/or ball buckets.
▪ No water bottles or drinks may be shared.
▪ No gum or sunflower seeds are permitted

Snack Stand (home games):

At this time, the snack stand will not be open. The League will reevaluate for the fall


8u- Head Coach- Mike O’Brien
Contact- 609-314-2714, Email- [email protected]

Safety Coordinator - Mike O’Brien

10u-Head Coach- Mike Ambrose
Contact- 856-287-9596, Email - [email protected]

Safety Coordinator(s) Jayme Whitaker, Harry Whitaker

12u – Head Coach- Dan Severino
Contact info- P-856-261-7532, Email - [email protected]

Assistants- Dale Cooley, Frank Delano, Sean Broderick, Mike Ambrose
Safety Coordinator- Dale Cooley

14u- Head Coach- Brian Kohout
Contact info- P- 856-993-8315, Email[email protected]

Assistants- Mike Ambrose, Sean Broderick
Safety Coordinator(s) Olivia White, Paulette Kohout

Personal Protective Equipment:

BGSL will supply each head coach with the following:

▪ 2 bottles of disinfectant (for dugout and any equipment use, not hand use)
▪ 2 bottles of hand sanitizer spray
▪ 1 pack of disposable face masks
▪ 1 bottle of antibacterial hand soap
▪ 1 no contact forehead thermometer

Barrington Girls Softball League

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